Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chapter 1 Part 3

"Well," said Ivan, "Shall we look through the door, first, or pull on the friendly-looking levers that could do anything?"

"Flip a coin. Heads for the door, tails for the levers." replied Esther. Ivan pulled an uneven, strange copper coin out of his pocket and flipped it off his thumb. He reached out to catch it and missed magnificently. It bounced off of Esther's shoe and rolled away toward the levers. They followed it and it bounced off the wall and landed on heads. "The door it is."

They all walked over to the door. They paused, looked at one another, and then Ivan pulled on the door handle. "It's locked." he said.

Esther frowned, "Then that was all pretty pointless..." They walked back over to the levers and looked it over in more detail. Unfortunately, there was no more detail to be seen, just a smiley face, a glass window, some switches and roman numerals.

"Well, I'm guessing that we're supposed go in order." Said Stephanie.

"Really?" The other two sighed in unison. Esther rolled her eyes and pulled the first lever. A click was heard behind the glass. She waited a moment for something to happen, but nothing did, so she pressed the button. It resisted and then clicked as she pushed it in, and a dim flame lit behind the glass. After a few seconds a blinding white light burst out of the glass panel and lit up the white screen. Ivan shielded his eyes and felt for the second lever and pulled it. A sound like rushing water was heard behind the wall, and the light faded to a dim charcoal grey.

The lights began flickering and numbers started shining on the white wall, counting down from 4. The horns in the color beeping with each change in number. After the number "0" appeared on the screen, it went blank, and then displayed, "Welcome to the Library Alexandria, Revision 2." The group, confused, looked at one another in confusion, as they still could not read this antiquated English. Then the title was read aloud through the speakers, and they all jumped and looked around for the man who was speaking.

- - - - Apologies to the reader. You have likely already guessed (correctly) that Esther, Ivan, and Stephanie were all watching a film. You know what a film is, and the description above probably seems condescending, or at least annoyingly over-descriptive. While it is true that you have seem a film before and understand what it is, the three people involved had not. The three people involved discovered this film in the year 2787, Over 600 years since the anti-technological revolution, and 400 years since the last bit of useful information about humanity since the industrial revolution was lost. This will be thoroughly explained shortly, until then, please turn off your cell phones and enjoy the show. - - - -

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