Friday, November 11, 2011

Chapter 2 Part 3

"That answers that." Chimed Stephanie.

"Well put, Steph," Replied Ivan, "But that still doesn't help me read antique English."

"Right, so let's just throw our hands in the air and leave with the doors unlocked and the torch fuel burning. This is obviously so absurdly out of our league that we shouldn't even look at the books."

"That's not what I'm saying."

"That's not what it sounds like."

"I'm sick of you yelling all the time."

"Well, I'm sick of your bitching all the time."

"I'm getting sick of your shi-" Ivan stopped all his bitching as the torches in the other room lit up. "What the hell?" They went into the other room and found Stephanie with her nose buried one of the manuals. "Steph, I didn't know you could read old English!"

Stephanie glanced over her shoulder, as if Ivan had interrupted her while balancing her checkbook, then said, "No, I can't read old English, that would be ridiculous. This is the Esperanto version."

"Where did... Never mind. What do we need to do?" Said a thoroughly frustrated Ivan.

"All the parts are numbered, bring me numbers three, two..." For about an hour, Stephanie read off the instructions in the manual, Ivan put the battery together, and Esther got bored and went back out into the entryway. She replayed John's movie over and over again until the film froze during the hourglass bit and the film melted from the heat of the lamp. Esther pretended like nothing happened and came back in to see Ivan sitting on the ground surrounded by torn plastic bags and some electrical parts. He was pouring electrolyte through a funnel into a battery enclosure wired to small spotlight on a tripod.

"I don't see how this is supposed to make light." Grumbled Ivan.

"Didn't we talk about bitching?" Said Esther, who was now twisting apart a flashlight she had found on the shelf. Ivan started to reply, but was interrupted by Stephanie issuing more commands.

Ivan got up and fetched a fist-sized plastic sphere with large metal screw plug sticking out of one end. Stephanie told him to twist it into the socket on the spotlight. "Now, flip the switch on the back." instructed Stephanie. Esther looked up from the flashlight directly into the business end of the spotlight just as Ivan turned it on. She cursed and threw the light in Ivan's direction, missing gloriously.

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