Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chapter 1 Part 2

Stephanie followed Esther and Ivan down the stairway. They walked for a while, and then they continued walking. After about 5 solid minutes of walking down the stairs, they turned around and looked back and saw that the light from above ground had faded to a small square of light that had long since stopped illuminating their location. So they kept walking for another 5 minutes, until the light was but a speck.

Ivan began to worry, "How do we know that we're not about to fall into a pit, or a lake, or a trap?"

Esther stopped and the rest followed suit. The sound of her removing her pack could be heard and then the sound of her rummaging through it. "Does anyone have a match?"

Stephanie's face lit up, though nobody could see it, "Here!" Esther then struck a match and lit a small lantern. She held it up to see how far the stairs went and they were all surprised to see that they were about 10 steps from what appeared to be a small landing and a door. They walked down the remaining stairs and stopped in front of the door and looked at one another. The door was a heavy, industrial, grey door with a brushed steel handle. Ivan shrugged and knocked.

"I don't think anybody's home." Said Ivan, as Esther reached out and opened the door. As they pushed the door open they heard several clicks around the room as torches lining the walls lit up. They looked around the room, which was about 10 feet high and made of the same granite as the stairs. Along the wall opposite the entrance were more doors similar to the front door, however only the door to the far left had a handle on it. On the left wall there was a glass plate sunk into the stone, with a large, red lever on either side, and a button below it. The left lever had "I" written next to it, the right a "III", and the button a "II". Above all of this there was a picture of a large, friendly smiling face painted on the wall in green. In the top corners of the wall were two metal horns colored with peeling green paint. The right wall was filled with a great white square, and didn't appear to be doing much.

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