Friday, November 11, 2011

Chapter 2 Part 2

Esther glared at Ivan. Ivan smirked. Esther led the group through the door and they peered in. They had half-expected the room to light up as the front one had, but it hadn't, so Esther held up the still-burning torch to get a better view. The room was not particularly large, and the torch light illuminated all four walls. There was some sort of table to their right, a couple of industrial-looking shelves to the left, and a door on the opposite wall. Esther walked in and examined the table, which had a few books laid out on it, and several unmarked switches on the wall above it. She then walked over to the shelves, where there were several rows of thick books and several objects laid out, wrapped in clear plastic.

Ivan went back to the table and started idly flipping through the manual closest to the door. It was in old English, and he was finding it very difficult to read. He moved on to the next book to the left and furrowed his brow. He flipped open all of the books to the first page and looked over at Esther, "These books are all the same, just written in different languages."

"Can you read any of-" Esther was interrupted by several clicking sounds coming from the entryway. She poked her head out the door to look at the screen, which was now alternating between black and white. It did this for several seconds before another clicking sound came from behind the glass panel where the light was coming from, and a new picture came on screen.

John came back on screen and said, "Wonderful, you have chosen to continue!" The group all came back into the first room. "I imagine you're confused, as the room is fairly plain. Either that, or you don't understand English and you decided to continue on simply because you heard the door unlock. Either way, this room is something like a crash course on the facility, which is much, much larger than either room you have seen thus far.

The books on the table are manuals for the basic functions of the Library, I suggest you read them. On the wall above this table are several switches. The Switch closest to the door will illuminate the torches on the wall so that you can see what you're doing. These torches, as well as the ones in this room, will burn for about 2 hours before the fuel is depleted. Some of the items on the shelf are parts of a battery, a fluid electrolyte, and several electric lights. These will last much longer than the torches, but again, they can only work for a limited amount of time, so it is important that you turn them off when not in use, and that you work through the manual so that you can construct your own means for generating electricity. Should the torches or batteries fail before you can finish, there are several emergency lights and candles on the shelf, but I wouldn't use them unless you absolutely must. The rest is described in the manual, good luck."

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